Efficient twin shaft mixer comes with numerous advantages. Many people don’t know the important benefits offered by the efficient twin shaft concrete mixer. In fact, this system comes with two horizontal and synchronized axes in order to facilitate the quality of the mixture when mixing concrete. The main goal of the mixer is to unite and distribute materials in various quantities. The proportional movement of the machine has an optimal intensity to provide the best quality concrete for your construction project. That is why you need to invest in a quality twin shaft mixer on the market. Here are some of the important advantages of the twin shaft concrete mixer.

twin shaft concrete mixerWide application

On the one hand, the mixer is used for many applications such as preparing ready-mix concrete, sand lime bricks, precast concrete, glass batch, hydro-dam concrete and asphalt. On the other hand, the mixer is also used in pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical and building industries alike. Most importantly, twin shaft concrete mixer can not only work independently but also is ideal mixing engine in concrete batching plant. Because it belongs to compulsory type concrete mixer, do you know this type mixer? Nearly almost concrete batching plants use this type mixer as the mixing engine for its high productivity and good mixing quality. For example, HZS25 stationary concrete batching plant use JS500 as its mixing engine. Look here.

Short mixing time

The mixing time of this machine is short, which is one of the main benefits of the product. It can mix ready-mix concrete in a much shorter time compared to most of the other mixers out there. This twin shaft mixer may take about 1-3 minutes to complete the mixing. Due to the short mixing time, the mixer would deliver a substantial output of concrete for your construction project. It not only saves your time but also reduces production cost in the process. That is why a majority of construction businesses prefer this type of mixer to most of the other mixers on the market.

twin shaft mixerGood homogeneity

The mixing circuits inside the machine overlap at the center in order to increase the level of relative motion. This helps set-up a turbulent zone at the center of the mixer. It helps intensify the mixing process and achieve at least 95% of homogeneity within 25-30 seconds the most. That is why the twin shaft concrete mixer is considered one of the most efficient equipment on the market today. Refers to homogeneity, planetary mixer machine also does a good job, the uniformity is 50% higher than the double axis’s.

Optimal efficiency

Because of the rapid mixing time, the mixer has optimal energy efficiency compared to most of the other mixers on the market. Hence, the machine will utilize less power per batch of concrete. In fact, if you mix in lower speeds, the power consumption is further reduced, which helps reduce the wear and tear on the machine. The mixer is quite durable compared to most of the other concrete mixers due to this reason. That is why you need to invest in a quality twin shaft concrete batch mixer on the market.

JS1000 inner structure working video

How to choose a proper twin shaft mixer

There are many brands of twin shaft mixers out there. Hence, you should be cautious when choosing the right product. That’s why you should do the research properly. Never invest in a twin shaft batch mixer without doing extensive research on the manufacturer of the equipment. You will be wasting your hard earned money if you do so. As far as I know,  Aimix Group is a famous concrete machine manufacturer with long history and good reputation in Henan, you can feel free to visit their factory and company, believe you will have a big harvest.

In conclusion, the twin shaft concrete batch mixer is with numerous benefits. You should invest in a high quality product when purchasing a twin shaft concrete batch mixer for your construction business.

Advantages Of Efficient Twin Shaft Mixers
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