There are two types of bumper cars which is used for the fairground and funfairs. Also we can see more fairground rides equipment for sale from lots of manufacturer’s factory. Like bumper boats, carousels, ferris wheels, etc. More about these amusement rides working I will share you later, Today, just share the battery bumper cars and electric powered bumper cars working.

Ground grid bumper cars for kids and family

Battery Bumper Cars Work?

Battery bumper cars is different from the electric bumper cars. They have 2 or more batteries in their bodies. The only thing you need is to charge them in the spare time. During the day, you open them for around 6-8 hours. While in the night, they should be charged. These best bumper car rides for sale is convenient to use. In the batteries inserted, the only thing you need to do is press the start button. It will give you a round trip.

Kids playing with bumper cars

Electric Bumper Cars Work?

There are two kinds of electric bumper cars for sale, their working principle is a little different from others. One is ground grid bumper cars and the other one is ceiling grid bumper cars. Here is their working principles.

  • Ground Grid Bumper Cars Work?

They use 380V control cabinet. Transformer (in the control cabinet) will change the voltage to 48V power supply. Then the current will be transferred to the floor by the cable. The floor will supply the current through the conductive wheel to the ground grid electric bumper cars motor. Then players could start their bumper cars games which looks like riding on a real car. But be careful that the control cabinet is equipped with a self-protection system. Any conductor (except for the bumper car body) touch the floor that is working, the control cabinet will cut off the power immediately. In this way to protect passengers and players.

electric bumper cars working in the funfair

  • Ceiling Grid Bumper Cars Work?

The other types of electric bumper car is ceiling grid bumper car, from its name, we know that this bumper car is drawing power from the ceiling. That’s the reason why we also called then the sky network bumper cars. Working principle of the ceiling grid bumper cars refers to the combination of strip-shaped conductor from the power supply. It is a large insulation board. Each conductive strip will be connected to the same end of the power supply. In this way, ceiling grid bumper cars draws its power from the ceiling. You can clicking

All in all, ground grid bumper cars draw power from the floor while ceiling grid bumper cars will draw power from the ceiling. This means, ground grid bumper car will need specific floor, when we need to buy ground grid bumper cars, we should also buy the floor for running bumper cars. But ceiling grid can run on the common cement floor. There is no need to buy specific floor and spend extra money on your business. More about buying quality new fairground rides, click

How do bumper cars work?
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