Biomass charcoal is a very effective substance, with plenty of advantages and applications. However, rice hull charcoal can be pretty expensive if purchased from the market, and its quality is not always the same. The best way to benefit from a cheap and quality rice hull charcoal, is by purchasing a rice husk carbonizer. These devices are ideal for you to process rice hull and to turn it into a high quality final product. The maintenance and the production costs are usually low, and if you decide to sell a part of the charcoal, you will recover the investment in less than one year. In the following, we will explain more about this machinery and we will also present the main advantages of continuous rice husk carbonization furnace.

charcoal production equipment
charcoal production equipment

1) Eco Friendliness

Nowadays, pollution is a very sensitive topic and considering the governmental sanctions and fines, it’s essential to operate with a non polluting equipment. A very important advantage of rice hull carbonizer design is the environmental friendly technology. The machine features a water dust removal filter, separating the micro particles or the harmful substances, and mixing them with water. This way, they can be easily removed, without the threat of being scattered into the atmosphere. The filtering and evacuation technologies are according to the current eco standards, and you shouldn’t worry about any sanctions from the authorities. Also, the combustion system is very well optimized, stocking all harmful waste and preventing it from polluting the environment.

2) Automation

The early carbonization furnaces featured a very old technology, highly pollutant and extremely pretentious. Those furnaces were needing constant maintenance and a lot of manpower. However, a new rice husk carbonizer has the advantage of automation, and it doesn’t need the constant attention of a human. A gas operated carbide machine is almost independent, and it will fulfill the production cycle with no human interference. Its software will manage the combustion, carbonization and even evacuation of the waste. This is especially a good thing, because it prevents the risk of a human error. Everything will be performed accurately, according to a well developed and tested software. An automated rice husk carbonizer can ensure a continuous process, increasing the productivity and delivering the same great results, in multiple production cycles.

3) Economic

The main problem with a carbonization furnace was the consumed energy. People always tried to minimize the production costs and energy was without any doubt, the most expensive of them. Another advantage of rice husk carbonizer, is the fact that it fully uses all the available resources, and doesn’t waste anything. The heat will entirely remain inside the furnace, ensuring a 100% use of the fuels . More than that, the machine uses another resources, that are being created during the production cycle. For example, the gas that is released from the dry distillation is combustible and it will be transferred back in the furnace. Therefore, the use of any fuels will be significantly reduced and will ensure a notable economy, in the overall production costs.

biomass charcoal machine
biomass charcoal machine

4) Security

There have been many incidents in the past, concerning old carbonizing furnaces. Thankfully, with the new systems, it’s no longer the case. All the new rice husk carbonizers come with advanced security features, which will prevent any kind of malfunction or injury, when using it. The whole device, features a very thick shell, which keeps the heat inside the furnace and prevents any injuries due to the high temperatures. Even though there weren’t any incidents, the rice husk carbonizer comes with an advanced alarm, that will be triggered when the pressure and temperature levels are not in order. This way, the risk of any incidents or injuries is non-existent, and the operators can use the system in total safety.

5) Great Benefit – Cost Ratio

Because the production costs were minimized so much, owning a rice hull charcoal making machine is more advantageous than ever. Considering the high demand of carbonized rice hull, the prices are also extremely high, ensuring you an impressive profit. On average, the net profit will be three times bigger than the production costs, including the manual labor, rice hull costs, energy or eventual depreciation. In these conditions, producing carbonized rice hull with a modern carbonizer, is one of the most profitable businesses.


Because carbonized rice hull is very demanded in the entire world, owning a modern carbonizing machine for sale can prove a very smart investment. Considering the advanced features, a carbonizing system can pay for itself in less than a year, ensuring a continuous, safe and eco-friendly production. Benefit from the advantages of rice husk carbonizer and purchase your own devices, as soon as you can.

The Main Advantages Of Rice Husk Carbonizer System
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